The journal covers the following topics:

  • Physics of Radiation Effects and Radiation Materials Science;
  • Nuclear Physics Investigations;
  • Plasma Physics;
  • Vacuum, Pure Materials and Superconductors;
  • Plasma Electronics and New Methods of Acceleration.
  • Each topic (series) has its sections.

    Physics of Radiation Effects and Radiation Materials Science:

      - Physics of radiation damages and phenomena in solids;
      - Physics of radiation and ion-plasma technologies;
      - Thermal nuclear reactor materials;
      - Materials for future nuclear reactors;
      - Radioactive waste problems;
      - Irradiation installations, diagnostics and research methods.

    Nuclear Physics Investigations:

      - Nuclear physics and elementary particles;
      - Interaction of relativistic particles with crystals and matter;
      - Theory and technology of particle acceleration;
      - Novel and non-standard acceleration technologies;
      - Beam dynamics;
      - Detectors and nuclear radiation detection;
      - Linear charged-particle accelerators;
      - Experimental methods and processing of data;
      - Application of nuclear methods;
      - Application of accelerators in radiation technologies.

    Plasma Physics:

      - Basic plasma physics;
      - Space plasma;
      - Magnetic confinement;
      - Plasma dynamics and plasma wall interaction;
      - Plasma diagnostics;
      - Iter and fusion reactor aspects;
      - Plasma electronics;
      - Low temperature plasma and plasma technologies.

    Vacuum, Pure Materials and Superconductors:

      - Pure materials and vacuum technologies;
      - Superconductivity and superconducting materials;
      - Physics and technology of structural materials;
      - Film materials and coatings.

    Plasma Electronics and New Methods of Acceleration:

      - Relativistic and nonrelativistic plasma electronics;
      - New methods of charged particles acceleration;
      - Integral equations in the theory of accelerators;
      - Parametric radiation;
      - Ion beam dynamics;
      - Nonlinear processes;
      - Electronuclear method of power generation;
      - Cosmic plasma;
      - Gas discharge, plasma-beam discharge and their applications;
      - Applications and technologies.